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Property is something that we are enthusiastic about at CB Property Management. We take pride in providing personalized care, specialized skills and knowledge, and a commitment to expertly managing your property.

If you're a property investor or thinking about becoming one, CB Property Management can help you with every element of managing your property, from locating the ideal tenants to completing all lease documentation and negotiating rental agreements, as well as streamlining your paperwork. As a result, you won't have to be concerned.


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We treat all matters seriously and as a priority.  You can stay worry-free while we take up

on all the service requests.

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We have partnered with industry renowned, trustworthy services by Urban Shelters to get the

tenant screening done

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We are known for our team’s ability to find you the best returns on your investment so you can rest

easy while your property is managed expertly

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We provide extensive and personalize marketing strategies to showcase your

property to the right market

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We offer support 24*7 with our well-trusted and screened fine contractors who provide professional

and prompt services

Now is the time to REGISTER YOUR PROPERTY and take advantage of these innovative offers to help you move your investment forward.

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Leasing & Tenant Screening

We have partnered with industry renowned, trustworthy services by Urban Shelters to get the tenant screening done and we can get you the premium quality tenants for your property. To keep vacancy rates low, we use an online microsite that allows enters to inspect via virtual tour, arrange appointments, and apply for your property 24 hours a day, resulting in faster application processing and a quicker time to re-let your property.


Asset Management

Our team handles Portfolio Management, Asset value add recommendations and NOI performance drive. Tracking and listing down available units to be put on the market for occupancy. We market your home and highlight its best attributes to guarantee that the correct tenants are attracted to your investment.


24-7 Tenant Communication

We provide visibility and  control through open lines of communication to our Tenants ‐ which reflects well on the services the we provide as property managers. Communicating pro-actively to our Tenants helps us address concerns in a timely and effective manner. 


Record Keeping &
Database Updating

Maintaining records of income, expenses, signed leases, complaints, maintenance, as well as a database of Tenants.


Lease Contract Review &

Setting rental rates, negotiating and enforcing lease agreements as well as terminating leases and initiating eviction proceedings. Our aim is 100% occupancy to focus on your positive return.


Billing Generation & 

Collecting rent, dealing with late payments, and handling operating expenses. Rents due and other tenant debts are carefully monitored to ensure payments are made promptly.


Unit Inspecting &

Contracting and supervising repairs and maintenance work as well as regularly inspecting your property to assess the condition of the property and provide photos and videos should any maintenance be required. The property is also inspected before and at the end of a tenancy.


Monthly Statements

We give you a free monthly report on the performance of your property. This will show you exactly where your property is going, and you will be able to plan your ideas and future developments for your property with confidence once you know how much rent money you're earning each month.

CB Property Management has been amazing to work with while looking to rent a new apartment. They have been extremely friendly, caring, and flexible with me while I made multiple appointments to see different rooms to find the perfect fit for me.

The staff really went above and beyond to accommodate me and I really appreciate it. So glad that I will be rending from this company and I can't wait to move into my new apartment.

- Kirsten Lannigan

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